Kava Tablets


Kava is available in many forms. The growth of the Kava industry has seen the development of different products including Kava tablets, and tinctures. In this guide we look specifically at Kava Tablets, the different types available, and how you can benefit from them.

Kava Tablets

First, let’s look at the different varieties of Kava products. Generally, Kava is imported into Australian in a powdered form. This powder is then used to create different products including tinctures, tablets, and of course Kava drinks.


A tincture is a liquid that is dispersed using a dropper. As a result, you either add tinctures into other liquids creating a drink or place a few drops on your tongue. Kava tinctures typically range between 2 to 6 ounces in volume.

Usually, Kava tinctures are mixed with other drinks to disguise the bitter taste of the root. Due to the higher concentration of kavalactones, it is advised to only take small doses of Kava tinctures. Tinctures are considered to be more potent than tablets.


Kava tablets are becoming hugely popular. Also, they offer a convenient way to ingest Kava. Many people do not like the strong, bitter taste of Kava powder. Placing the Kava in a tablet, therefore, negates the poor taste.

You ingest the tablet and all you taste is the outer casing. Also, tablets are digested quickly and enter your system quicker than Kava tea, for example. Moreover an important feature to look for is the kavalactone content.

This determines how potent the tablet is. Also, it will determine how strong the effects are. Ideally, they should not have a kavalactone content higher than 30%.


Dried Kava root is its original form. Kava roots are harvested and left to dry naturally in the sun. This helps to increase the kavalactone content. Once dried, the roots are used in various ways.

Some communities break and grind the roots for producing Kava tea. Others grind Kava roots in to a find powder so that it can be easily used ad exported.


One of the most common forms of Kava is Kava powder. This is essentially dried Kava roots that are ground into a fine powder. Also, a high percentage of Kava imports are powdered root.

The powder is used in various ways. Firstly, it combines with hot water creating Kava tea. This is one of the most popular methods of ingesting Kava. Also, it is the traditional method used by native Pacific communities.

Powered Kava is also used to create supplements, milkshakes and kavalactone paste. Essentially, it is used as an additive in various drinks.

Where Can I Buy Kava Tablets?

Now that you understand more about Kava tablets, we can look at where you can get them from. Kava tablets are available from a variety of sources. As the industry grows, their availability should only increase.

Available Kava Tablet sources

Kava tablets are available from an array of online and physical locations including:

Firstly, you can find an ever-increasing selection of tablet products via Amazon. If using Amazon, we always recommend checking customer reviews and researching the company. Only choose products that have 5-star ratings, and genuine reviews.

Secondly, many pharmacies in Australia sell these and other kava supplements. If you purchase from a pharmacy, you can be assured that the product is high quality. However, we still recommend reading the product label and researching beforehand.

Finally, there is a good selection of online health stores, and Kava specialist stores. These sell various products including tablets. Websites such as these are generally reputable – sourcing and selling products like these is what they specialize in. As a result, you can usually trust their products and advice.

Benefits of Kava Tablets

As with other Kava products, Kava tablets offer numerous benefits. Firstly, taking daily they help reduce anxiety and stress. Also, some studies show that Kava tablets can also improve sleep quality and help those suffering with sleep disorders.

Aside from the health benefits, Kava tablets provide several benefits over other Kava products mentioned above.

Firstly, they are convenient to take. Similarly, there is no preparation required – simply take out a tablet and swallow it with water. If you are on a tight schedule or don’t have time to brew Kava tea, tablets offer a quick alternative.

Secondly, there is no bitter taste. Kava roots and powder has a distinct earthy taste. As a result, not everyone will enjoy it. By taking tablets, there is no taste involved – the Kava ingests directly into your digestive system.

Finally they are portable and easy to carry. Can you imagine tying to carry Kava powder? You can take a small bottle of Kava tablets wherever you go without any hassle.

Legality of Kava in Australia

Kava tablets are legal to sell and consume in Australia. The ban on importation of Kava powder has recently been lifted  by the Australian government however. This means that Kava powder will become increasingly popular as seen on Australia Kava Shop . It is yet to be seen whether kava powder will over take kava tablets in popularity.

Also, you can legally purchase Kava products from online stores including overseas online stores. Pharmacies and stores can legally sell Kava tablets providing that the dose of Kavalactones within the tablets is limited to a maximum of 125mg.

Kava Tablet Products in Australia

Currently in Australia, the range is limited. Again there is not a great variety of tablets available and they usually fall in one of the following categories:

– Hard Kava capsules with approx. 60mg of Kavalactones
– Hard Kava capsules to contain approx. 90mg of Kavalactones
– Hard Kava tablets combined with other herbs and flavours

The hard capsules usually have a kavalactone content of between 60mg to 90mg. Also, there is a minimal choice of blended Kava tablets that add other ingredients like honey and turmeric.

The quantity varies and they  are typically available in containers of 25, 30, or 50 capsules. Price appears consistent, however. For example, the above links all have Kava tablets for between $20-30 which is reasonable.


We hope you now have clearer idea of Kava tablets and their benefits. This form of Kava is already popular and relatively easy to purchase under the current Australian Kava laws.

The Australia government is, however, trialling changes to the import laws. This could include more lenient import restrictions. If this happens, we expect the availability of Kava tablets to increase. The Kava industry in Australia should boom and we should see more companies creating and adopting the product.

If licenses are required to make and sell Kava, the quality of Kava tablets should also remain consistent. There is a worry by some that making import laws lenient will see an influx of poor-quality and potentially dangerous products if not regulated properly.


Currently, although readily available, the variety of Kava tablets is limited. If import laws change, this should also improve. We would hope to see different types of Kava tablets become available including different kavalactone doses, and more blended tablet options.