Kava Tablets

Kava Tablets versus Kava Powder


Kava Tablets

You can get kava capsules in most health food stores. Kava capsules are easy to find in most health food stores.

If you are looking for an alternative to drinking kava root, you can find kava capsules in most health food stores. They are made from the same roots that you would use in your home brew and have the same properties as regular kava powder. The only difference is that Kava capsules are easier to consume than drinking the powdered root—they just slip down your throat without any preparation!

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Kava Powder

Kava Powder is now available throughout Australia; however, quality noble kava is mostly available only through online vendors such as Australia Kava Shop. These vendors offer Express Delivery so you only have to wait a day or two for your kava powder.


Kava Powder takes effort to prepare compared to kava tablets. Standard kava powder preparation takes 10 minutes of squeezing.

However, there is a range of Instant Kava products on the market that reduce this 10 minute to 10 seconds as per the below clip


OK so here is the decisive factor. Kava tablets are reliant upon your stomach and enzymes processing the encapsulation and then the kava powder. This means it takes at least 45 minutes for your body to to processed the kava.

Then what is your body processing? If it is simply a micronized kava powder, then the kava lactone content will be low. Moreover, your enzymes will not process the kava powder in the kava tablet in the same agitated fashion that squeezed kava powder does. This means kava tablets with standard kava powder as the ingredient are ineffective.

If you have kava tablets that have a kava extract in them and not, simply micronized kava powder it is different again. Aqueous kava extracts (the only ones legally allowed to be sold by vendors in Australia) are renown as being more soluble. This means your enzymes process the kavalactones in the extract quickly and efficiently.

Kava juice made using kava powder or Instant kava will always be more effective that kava tablets. During the preparation process, the kava lactones are agitated and are floating in the kava juice. Your stomach process’s these quickly and the onset of kava effects happens in minutes.


Kava Tablets are an easy option for ingesting kava. However they are limited in their effectiveness by your bodies ability to process them. This depends on whether the manufacturer has made them using kava powder or a kava extract.

Instant Kava sits in between kava tablets and tradition kava powder. It is quick to use but does not bring the heavy body effects synonymous with kava powder.

Kava Powder and making the juice takes time. You will need to dedicate 10 minutes minimum for each batch that you prepare. However, the rewards – kava effectiveness – are much greater.